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14 June 2018 / article

10 tips guide

In these times of economic uncertainties and legislative changes, risk exposure is all part of the game. Today it is the way you manage these risks which contributes to the success of your business. A proactive and dynamic approach towards risk management is therefore needed.

Loyens & Loeff helps you and your company in this challenge. Based on 10 concrete cases, we try to assist you in recognising, avoiding or limiting these risks.

We also help you identify opportunities and quickly seize them.

Read our “10 tips” guide (in Dutch) now.

Gift with reservation of usufruct without Flemish inheritance tax

A gift with reservation of usufruct before a Dutch notary without settlement of Flemish gift tax triggers the liability of Flemish inheritance tax read more

Alcohol is the Devil’s handiwork – Alcohol in the workplace

Enzo, one of your shift workers, watches the match between the Red Devils and Panama in his local pub before he starts his late shift at 20h. During the debrief... read more
Widening the scope of the Cayman Tax

Widening the scope of the Cayman Tax

In two drafts of Royal Decrees the scope of the so called ‘Cayman Tax’-legislation is widened. read more