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International Taxation

The international corporate tax climate is changing rapidly. Various measures have been deployed both at the OECD and the EU-level, to combat ‘aggressive’ tax planning and to increase tax transparency. This implies that internationally operating taxpayers are faced with even greater challenges than before. Structuring your business and transactions to achieve an optimal tax position but also effectively managing tax risks is crucial for being successful in business.

Article - 25 July 2018

The main tax incentives for shipping companies in Belgium

Belgian tax law provides in several tax incentives for shipping companies. We provide a general overview of the main incentives below.
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Article - 22 March 2018

Holding Regimes 2018

We are pleased to present you the 2018 edition of the Loyens & Loeff publication Holding Regimes. It provides a comprehensive overview of the most relevant tax...
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Article - 15 March 2018

Belgian tax treatment of capital reimbursements as of 2018: is withholding tax due?

Prior to 2018, no withholding tax was due on capital reimbursements. The Corporate Income Tax Reform Act of 25 December 2017 has amended this rule. Capital reimbursements...
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News - 01 March 2018

Belgian Constitutional Court decides on Fairness Tax

On 1 March 2018, the Belgian Constitutional Court annulled the Belgian fairness tax. The Court however limited the retroactive effect of the annulment, unless...
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Belgian Corporate Income Tax Reform 2018 / 2020

Belgian Corporate Income Tax Reform 2018 / 2020

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On top of develop-ments in international tax

The international tax environment is changing dramatically. The introduction of the BEPS-measures, the EU corporate tax reform package and the increased relevance of State Aid regulations are examples of what may impact your business. Analysing these new rules and, where necessary, amending your business structures accordingly in a sound way will help you to stay ahead.

Our international tax team

We can help you to stay ahead of the game. Our Brussels based tax team is highly specialised in all aspects of international tax and forms part of a group of more than 350 international tax lawyers working from our various offices. Working with us means tapping into years of experience, in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge and an extensive international network – creating the best results for your business.  

Our international tax services

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the following topics: transfer pricing, ATAD, BEPS, double tax treaties, transaction tax, State Aid, Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) and Tax Compliance. Our focus is always to create a pragmatic, sound solution for your business.