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Indirect Tax

In all industries, indirect taxes levied on goods and services play an increasingly important role. Whether your line of business is international trade, financial services, investment management, real estate or whether you operate in another sector, indirect taxation affects your business. We help you to be in control.

Article - 12 July 2018

When your company invites its customers for an exclusive World Cup event: what does it actually cost?

Belgium has qualified for the World Cup semi-finals and the Belgian company BeerCo wants to invite some of its best customers to attend an exclusive World Cup...
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Article - 15 May 2018

While EU countries reaffirm their commitment to the JCPOA, EU companies brace for impact

Although expected, President Trump’s decision to pull the US out of the JCPOA has triggered swift and concerned reactions from Europe. Despite the EU’s reaffirmed...
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Article - 26 April 2018

Optional VAT system for immovable letting

Optional VAT system for immovable letting
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News - 09 February 2018

Modified definition of sea vessels navigating on high seas will narrow scope of Belgian VAT exemption

The Belgian VAT exemption has been restricted since December 2017 upon request of the European Commission.
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Public body to be considered a VAT taxable person or not? New guidance released by Belgian VAT authorities

Public body to be considered a VAT taxable person or not? New guidance released by Belgian VAT authorities

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Your goals and your needs: our pragmatic approach

Being in control and managing your indirect tax position is key to the success of your business. You need to be informed on legislation and regulatory changes and in a position to handle audits and disputes, while being compliant at all times.

In each sector of industry indirect tax plays an increasingly important role. Whether you are active in international trade, real estate or only on a national basis, Indirect taxation effects your business. Being in control of and managing your indirect tax position is key nowadays.

Our indirect tax team’s specialisations

International trade (VAT, customs & excise duties, but also an increasing area of regulatory rules such as export controls and economic sanctions).  Real estate, Financial institutions & non-profit, Dispute handling (audits and disputes), Planning and strategy and Compliance. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to explore opportunities for your business in this area. With our civil law colleagues we work in close collaboration to provide you with tailor-made solutions that suit your business.

Understanding your business

Due to the constantly changing landscape and increasing importance of indirect tax, attention and monitoring the indirect tax position is essential. As we are involved in these matters on a daily basis and have knowledge about the specifics of various industry sectors, our indirect tax team is your sparring partner to ensure the optimization of your indirect tax position and the attention it deserves. We have developed tools like scans, sample methods and benchmark inquiries, for various types of situations to investigate if you are in control.