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Real Estate Transactions

Closing the deal in a real estate acquisition or disposal: to reach that point successfully, the tax and legal structure, including the financing of the transaction, need to be impeccable. By handling the deal from the first letter of intent until closing, in each and every aspects, with a dedicated transaction team, we will help you to succeed.

Article - 17 May 2018

Brussels Environmental Agency becomes officially Environment Brussels

Pursuant to an ordinance of the Brussels Parliament, the Brussels Environmental Agency will officially change its name to Environment Brussels.
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Article - 15 May 2018

Reform of the Brussels Town Planning Act – Which modifications are already in force?

The Brussels Town Planning Act has been substantially reformed by the Ordinance of 30 November 2017.
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Article - 26 April 2018

Soil Data Bank finally available in Wallonia

As of 9 April 2018 a new soil data bank is available in Wallonia.
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Article - 15 November 2017

Tips and tricks for investing in real estate joint ventures

An increasing number of real estate investments in today’s market are made by joint-ventures (“JV’s”), which gives rise to a number of recurring challenges.
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The legal consequences of owning too many parking spaces in Brussels

The legal consequences of owning too many parking spaces in Brussels

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Our services

  • Deal structuring
  • Business plan and tax forecast
  • Accounting and tax due diligence
  • Legal due diligence
  • Transaction documentation and negotiations