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Real Estate Management

After acquisition, the day-to-day management of your real estate assets is essential to ensure the profitability of the investment. We do not underestimate asset management, and we help you from the post-acquisition care to all letting items, and portfolio restructuring, treating legal and tax aspects as equal components, and acting also in contentious matters.

A legal framework for pop-up stores in the Brussels-Capital Region
News - 07 June 2019

A legal framework for pop-up stores in the Brussels-Capital Region

Since 19 May 2019, the Brussels Capital Region has a legal basis for short-term commercial leases.
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Real estate litigation: 10 key cases of 2018
News - 06 February 2019

Real estate litigation: 10 key cases of 2018

Julie De Meester, Olivia Oosterlynck and Guillaume Carrozza highlight some key real estate judgements of the Belgian Court of Cassation in 2018.
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Loyens & Loeff Real Estate Quarterly -
Article - 19 July 2018 – A new transparent and safe online platform for public auction

On 8 May 2018, was launched by the Federation of Belgian Notaries (Federatie van Belgische Notarissen - Fednot), an online platform for public auction...
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Flemish decree on housing leases
Article - 16 July 2018

Flemish Decree on housing leases

Until 1 July 2014, tenancy law was a federal competence meaning that all lease regimes were governed by federal Law.
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Our services

Asset Management

  • Co-ownership and rights in rem
  • Leases and lease incentives
  • VAT leases and other VAT regimes
  • Operating permits and authorizations per asset class
  • Refurbishments and renovations
  • Soil issues


  • Merger, (partial) de-merger, contribution of business
  • Transfer of contracts and authorizations
  • Due diligence
  • Soil issue

Tax and accounting services