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Litigation & Risk Management

Litigation and risk management is a complex and multifaceted field which is also intricately integrated with overall corporate planning and problem-solving strategy. Today’s specialists require a multitude of skills and competence, and familiarity with laws in different jurisdictions.

The case of the champagne sorbet
Article - 02 August 2017

The Case of the Champagne Sorbet

The Case of the Champagne Sorbet
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Plant based products stay away from dairy names
Article - 30 June 2017

Plant-based products: stay (once and for all) away from dairy names

The European Court of Justice said that dairy terms – such as milk, yoghurt, cream and cheese – cannot be used to describe plant-based products.
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Borderline products cranberry products cannot be regarded as medical devices
Article - 02 June 2017

Borderline products: Cranberry products cannot be regarded as medical devices

The European Commission’s Regulatory Committee on Medical Devices has adopted a Commission Decision on the qualification of cranberry products.
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A general and absolute prohibition of any advertising relating to the provision of oral and dental care services is contrary to the eu law
Article - 23 May 2017

Prohibition of advertising of oral and dental care services is contrary to the EU law

The Belgian legislation prohibiting any advertising with regard to the provision of oral and dental care services is incompatible with the EU law.
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How will the new Belgian Companies Code impact your business?

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Dispute Resolution

Loyens & Loeff has a long-standing tradition of litigation and arbitration proceedings involving a broad range of industries, services, regions and jurisdictions. In order to meet the demands of our (international) client base, we regularly represent clients in domestic and international dispute resolution.

Risk Management

Through our Risk Management advisory services we provide pragmatic and strategic advice on, among others, contracts and torts, commercial law, data protection and privacy, insurance law, insolvency and restructuring and IP/IT law, and where necessary covering different jurisdictions. We also draft a variety of contracts and other documents for our clients.


We are your one-stop full-service shop for dispute resolution and risk management as we take an integrated approach by closely liaising with other Practice Groups and by participating in different teams such as the Food & Beverages Team, Privacy & Data Protection Team and the Automotive Team. Our services include:

Dispute Resolution

  • Corporate Litigation
  • Financial – Banking Litigation
  • General Commercial Contracts & Tort Liability
  • IP – IT
  • Market Practices
  • Insurance Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Sector Specific Regulatory Litigation
  • Arbitration

Risk Management

  • Contract drafting, Advisory & Due Diligence support related to:
  • Commercial Contracts
  • IP – IT
  • Market Practices
  • Insurance
  • Sector Specific Regulatory