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General corporate law

We enjoy a well-respected reputation as a business law firm, both domestic & abroad. Apart from our extensive M&A practice, we advise our clients on a wide range of general corporate matters, including corporate governance, corporate compliance & housekeeping and corporate structuring & reorganizations.

Article - 02 August 2018

How to govern your company properly?

European societies have been influenced by traditions from the United States for decades. The fascination for basketball, Halloween and black Friday have at...
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Article - 06 July 2018

Grand finale in replacing the merchant with the enterprise

Antonio, the merchant of Venice in Shakespeare’s famous play, describes the world as a stage where every man must play a part, and his “is a sad one”. It is...
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Article - 08 June 2018

Draft Belgian Companies Code submitted to Parliament – Key takeaways

Major reforms in Belgian company law underway – What is changing for your business?
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Article - 24 April 2018

Compliance Handbook

Compliance has become a hot topic in today’s business conduct. Politicians, regulatory authorities, stakeholders and customers increasingly focus on the way...
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