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13 September 2018 / event

Talking Tax II

The second edition of our biannual tax seminar, an event for professionals dealing with domestic and international tax matters.

This seminar has already taken place.


We will guide you through some major developments impacting your business and address a series of hot topics.


  • 1.00pm - Welcome & Registration
  • 1.30pm - Impact of the new Belgian Company Code for tax practitioners
    Overview of some of the fundamental changes in Belgian Company Law and an outline of how the legislator intends to minimise the tax impact thereof. – Marc Dhaene
  • 2.00pm - Recent developments on interest deductibility
    To what extent can your company be financed with debt? Can equity be converted into debt? We will analyse the impact of the new legislation and recent developments in case law on debt financing. – Natalie Reypens
  • 2.30pm - VAT on real estate and other developments
    VAT environment is rapidly changing with the various initiatives to implement the definitive VAT system at EU level, but also the national regulator does not sit still these days, with for instance the introduction the optional VAT regime for immovable letting and the relaxation of the VAT penalty system. – Bert Gevers
  • 3.00pm - Coffee Break
  • 3.30pm - Investing in a Private Privak/Pricaf Privée and other investment funds
    Which changes have been made to the tax and regulatory regime of the Private Privak? What can we expect from this new regime? Are there other tax-efficient structures for investing in private equity? – Nicolas Bertrand
  • 4.00pm - Impact of the new Belgian Company Code, the new Code of Economic Law and the new UBO-register on family owned businesses
    Shares with different rights to the profits! Shares with and without voting rights! What are the new opportunities and/or challenges to transfer a family owned business? – Saskia Lust
  • 4.30pm - New Mandatory Disclosure Rules
    What does it mean for your business? – Christian Chéruy
  • 5.00pm - Networking reception

The agenda might change depending on the latest legal developments.


Thursday 13 September 2018, from 1 until 6pm


Loyens & Loeff - Rue Neerveldstraat 101-103, 1200 Brussels