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Do you want to get inspired and learn about all the latest legal and tax developments? Join us in our regular events about our expertise and sector specific topics.

Event - 21 June 2018

Data Protection Issues: Food Law Class 10

We will bring you up to speed on data protection law, regulator’s opinions and, of course, “GDPR”. This will also involve data security.
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Event - 11 June 2018

Taxation of (im)movable investments pursuant to the tax reform

On 11 June 2018, Ariane Brohez and Nicolas Bertrand will present the various recent tax reforms and their consequences for individuals and their investments....
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11 June 2018

Export control and sanction regimes disruption by new technologies

Challenging times in the field of export controls & economic sanctions with the US withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Agreement and the implementation of new and...
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Event - 24 May 2018

Food governance and EU procedure: Food Law Class 9

Having a view on the institutions and processes that shape food policy, and their influential players goes often beyond the black letter-legislation.
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GDPR Masterclasses

These masterclasses is a series of six breakfast sessions that will be held simultaneously in our Rotterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg offices.
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Food Law Classes

In 10 monthly classes you will receive in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of EU, Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg food law.
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